Final Fantasy 16 PC port is in “final stages of optimisation”, with PC demo also planned

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The PC port of Final Fantasy 16 is in the “final stages of optimisation”, producer Naoki Yoshida has revealed, with a PC demo also in the works. The game is currently a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Speaking to Game Informer, Yoshida-san (speaking via a translator) said, “In terms of where we are in development currently, we’re trying to figure out the final stages of optimisation right now. When we can release the PC version might be dependent on that – the system requirements and specifications for PC that players will need, so we’re trying to figure that out. Naturally, [the PC specifications] are looking to be somewhat high.”

Thankfully, there’s a demo for the PC version planned as well, which will allow PC gamers to test the game for themselves to see how well their gaming rig holds up under the strain, though we would also expect for there to be the usual detailed breakdown of minimum and recommended PC specs, likely with specific hardware and performance targets to help set expectations.

Yoshida-san continued, “Again, we can’t really talk about too much in terms of details of when it’s going to come out – I think in a little bit more time we’ll be in a better place to announce things. But one thing’s for sure: It won’t be too distant in the future; it won’t be a year, it won’t be two years, it will probably be shorter than that, so stay tuned.”

It’s certainly feasible, it seems, that Final Fantasy XVI could drop onto PC for the game’s first anniversary on 22nd June, then, though Yoshida-san’s caution and downplaying is certainly understandable.

The PC version is far from Square Enix’s sole focus right now, as they work to deliver DLC expansions for the game on PS5. The Echoes of the Fallen DLC arrived in December, with the second instalment, The Rising Tide, set to arrive this Spring and will feature the lost Eikon Leviathan.

In our Final Fantasy XVI review, Nic scored the game a fantastic 9/10, saying “if you’re a fan of strong narrative experiences, Final Fantasy lore, breath-taking graphics and a particularly sassy Moogle, and you don’t mind a sprinkling of The Witcher, The Handmaids Tale and the many accents of Old Blighty, then Final Fantasy XVI is the game for you. Heck, it might just be the best Final Fantasy yet!”

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