Deceit 2 goes free to play, coming to PS5 and Xbox Series X|S

Deceit 2 is going to free to play and will also be launching PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, from April 3rd, World Makers has announced. Along with the announcement of going to free to play, the first DLC for Deceit 2 has been confirmed too. That DLC is The Werewolf DLC, adding a new terror to the game since it was released.

“It wasn’t an easy decision moving to a free-to-play model, but we think it’s the right call to reduce the barrier to entry and make sure more people can enjoy Deceit 2,” says James Thompson, CEO at World Makers. “For those players who have already purchased the game ahead of the free-to-play relaunch, we’ll be providing the Werewolf DLC, 3 Crypt Keys, in-game currency, and a Season One Pass for free to express our appreciation for their early and continued support.”

The key features of Deceit 2 include:

  • Gripping matchmade social deduction game: test your strategic thinking and powers of deception.
  • Dynamic social sandbox: an ever-changing set of tools and scenarios ensure that every Ritual is always different.
  • Rewards that keep coming: progression keeps the hunt for cosmetics fun, and new Seasons bring themed rewards, both free and with the Season Pass.
  • Consistent content updates: nine playable humans, two maps, two terrors, and six different roles, with more additions to come
  • Everyone is welcome: the Ritual is open for anyone who dares as the game is now free-to-play.

The Werewolf DLC will be available from March 13th, the same day Deceit 2 will be going free to play. The Wyrtorn Terror is a werewolf, as well as new role called The Chemist and a new map called The Wurgen, a new curse that has to poison everyone else in the group so the Ritual can be won. The new map will be available to all players, while The Werewolf DLC will be given away to those who have purchased Deceit 2 before will get Werewolf DLC, 3 Crypt Keys, in-game currency, and the Season One Pass for free at launch.

Source: Press Release

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