Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Update 1.002.002 now live

Insomniac Games has released Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update 1.002.002 on PS5. Now available to download, don’t expect this latest patch to introduce any new major content or features.

According to the studio’s Senior Community Manager, Aaron Jason Espinoza, the Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 update addresses “two crashing issues affecting a low percentage of users” including “a French-language crash and a map crash”.

If it’s been a while since you checked in with the web-slinging superhero simulator, just days ago Insomniac launched its major 1.0002 update which included the much-anticipated New Game Plus as well as plenty of other bonus features and improvements, including a raft of additional accessibility options. Here’s a snapshot of what was included:

New Game+  (NG+) Features:

  • Ultimate Levels: Go beyond the base game level cap in NG+
    • Note: Ultimate Levels are NOT tied to any difficulty
  • Symbiote Suit Styles: Unlock new story symbiote suit styles via Ultimate Level progression
  • Golden Gadget Styles: Upgrade your gadgets with exclusive Golden looks
  • Suit Tech Fusion: Unlock both perks in a shared Suit Tech slot
  • PlayStation Trophy Unlock a new trophy for completing the story in NG+

Additional Features:

  • Mission Replay: Replay *that* mission (and many others) as much as you’d like now
  • Time of Day: Change the time of day in the post-game via ‘Gameplay’ settings
  • Tendril Colors: Swap symbiote tendril color in the post-game via ‘Gameplay’ settings
  • Photo Mode – Action Figure Mode: Scale down characters for photo opportunities
  • Photo Mode – Stickers: Decorate your photos with new stickers
  • Hellfire Gala Suits: Added two new suits inspired by the Hellfire Gala designs
  • Gameheads Fly N’ Fresh Suit Pack: Two new suits for Peter and Miles, plus Photo Mode content
    • Available via purchase, official details here

New Accessibility Options:

  • Audio Descriptions: A narrator will describe key visuals and actions during cinematics
    • Sub Option: Volume Slider
  • Screen Reader: Audio narration relaying text across menus, tutorials, and control hints
    • Sub Options: Volume Slider, Repeat Delay Time, Repeat Delay Scale
  • Mono Audio: Combine all audio into a singular output
  • Captions: Display captions for important in-game sounds during cinematics and some gameplay
    • Sub options: Size, Color, Background Color, Background Opacity
  • In-World Text Translations: Enable text boxes to show translated in-world text
  • High Contrast Outlines: Outline friendlies and enemies with specific High Contrast colors
    • High Contrast Outlines Friendly
    • High Contrast Outlines Enemy
  • High Contrast Presets: Access preset High Contrast settings for streamlined use
  • Center Dot Color: Adjust the color of the center dot on screen
  • Aim Arc Color: Adjust the color of the arc that displays during certain moments when aiming
  • Target Arc Color: Change the color of the arc indicator when throwing certain items on target
  • Motion Sensor Aiming: Aim using the DualSense Controller’s motion sensors
    • Sub Options include: Calibration & Sensitivity
  • UI Holds: Switch UI holds to toggle
  • Touch Pad in Combat: Disable the Touch Pad during combat to prevent accidental presses

Spider-Man 2 was the marquee PlayStation 5 exclusive for 2023, with Insomniac delivering yet another fantastic showcase for Sony’s latest console. Alongside some glowing reviews, the game got off to a fantastic start at the tills, with PlayStation and developer Insomniac announcing that 2.5 million copies of the game were sold within the first 24 hours.

Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic sequel, building on everything that the original did and making great use of the PlayStation 5 hardware. In our Spider-Man 2 review, Dom said, “Spider-Man 2 is a fantastic sequel, building on the excellent foundations of its forebear while delivering a story that drives these beloved characters forward.”

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