Nobody Wants To Die is a noir detective game set in 2329

New studio Critical Hit Games has announced the noir detective game Nobody Wants To Die for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S, coming out later in 2024. The game is set in a future dystopian New York, the year 2329, where immortality is available for those that can afford it, able to swap bodies as they age. Essentially, it’s quite a bit like the novel and Netflix series Altered Carbon – the cinematic reveal trailer shows its own peculiar twists, though.

In Nobody Wants To Die, players take on the role of Detective James Karra, who is hunting down a serial killer that is going after the elite members of New York society, and is helped by police liaison officer Sara Kai. Players will be investigating crime scenes for clues, using various tools including a time manipulation augmentation to reconstruct crime scenes to figure out just what is going on.

While no gameplay has been shown, some details were revealed in the accompanying blurb. You’ll be able to investigate crime scenes using Karra’s time manipulation augmentation and other advanced technology, letting you reconstruct events leading up to a murder and uncover the clues you need solve the mystery. You’ll also have to navigate the story that will explore transhumanism and immortality and the affect that this would have on the morality of society.

Some screenshots have also been released.

Nobody Wants To Die is expected to release this year, though a specific release date is yet to be given.

Source: Steam/YouTube

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