PlayStation Plus Premium may be getting PS2 classics from Konami and Rockstar

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If there’s one thing PlayStation Plus Premium is missing it’s a good library of PS2 classics. Since Sony relaunched PS Plus in 2022 with multiple tiers, it feels like those paying top whack for the online service have been short-changed when it comes to the lineup of older PlayStation games being emulated on PS4 and PS5.

playstation plus ps2 classics

Subscribers may be in for a treat, however, with suggestions that titles from publishers Konami, Rockstar, and Cyan may be in the pipeline. This follows discoveries of a LinkedIn page associated with Implicit Conversions, a company that has been working with Sony to revive a number of older PlayStation games for PS Plus Premium. It states that the studio is “working on bringing games from the original PS1, PSP, and PS2 to the PS4 and PS5”. More importantly, on its official website, Implicit Conversions lists a number of game publishers it is partnered with – looking through that list we can see that most have had at least a couple legacy titles revived for PS Plus Premium.

Among those publishers are Konami, Rockstar, and Cyan, indicating that we may see some of their classic PS1, PS2, and PSP hits soon become available. Even with a remake of Silent Hill 2 on the way, we’d love a chance to play through the Silent Hill collection on modern platforms, as well as Manhunt 2, and GTA: Chinatown Wars.

In related news, Implicit Conversions will help launch 3 emulated PS1/PSP games for this month’s PlayStation Plus update including Jak & Daxter: The Lost Frontier, Cool Boarders, and God Eater Burst. You can catch the full March lineup here.

PlayStation Plus relaunch explained

In 2022, a PlayStation Plus relaunch rolled out around the world, transforming the PS Plus we once knew into a three tiered subscription service that bundles in and expands what was once PlayStation Now. The classic PS Plus is now called PS Plus Essential, giving access to online multiplayer gaming, cloud save backups, exclusive offers and at least 2 free monthly games. PS Plus Extra then adds a catalogue of PS4 and PS5 games into the mix, while PS Plus Deluxe and Premium (depending on your region) adds older PS2, PS1 and PSP game emulation, and game streaming for PS3 and other titles.

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