Alpha Protocol is coming back to PC on GOG, DRM free

Alpha Protocol is returning to PC with full compatibility for current PCs, a licensed soundtrack, and performance improvements. Alpha Protocol was delisted in 2019 from all digital storefronts due to the music rights expiring.The revival has come about with SEGA, Obsidian, and GOG all working together, with the soundtrack having a new license.

The team at GOG have stated that the following features will be part of the Alpha Protocol revival on the store:

● Licensed soundtrack
● Achievements support
● Full controller support (Dualsense, DualShock 4, Nintendo Switch Pro, Xbox
Series or Xbox One controller)
● Localization support
● Compatibility with modern operating systems
● Cloud saves support

Alpha Protocol Review | TheSixthAxis

Way back in 2010, when Alpha Protocol released DJ Katy said in our review, “Alpha Protocol has been delayed for 9 months before finally getting its release, and you do have to wonder why they didn’t spend the time fixing some of this stuff – or how bad it was 9 months ago – but seriously, if you like espionage and the idea of Heavy Rain-style dialogue being applied to a shooter with RPG-like levelling, don’t worry about the downsides: you’ll eat this game right up. As an adventure in storytelling, it’s totally solid.”

Source: Press Release

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