Dead Island 2 SoLA DLC releases April 17th

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Dead Island 2’s second DLC expansion, SoLA, is going to be released on April 17th, Deep Silver has announced. The new content will take players to the the one of the biggest music festivals in California, whose soundtrack has changed from raving beats to the sounds of the undead. The content includes the new location, a new enemy types, and new legendary weapons.

The full features of Dead Island 2 SoLA are as follows:

  • New Location. A visceral, gore-drenched music festival in the heart of LA (or HELL-A, as we like to call it) echoing to the sound of The Beat which threatens to turn the living into zombies, and with the potential to be heard across the world.  
  • New Enemies. Including the Whipper,  a new apex variant enemy, driven mad with self-loathing by the Autophage. Their compulsion to self-mutilate has turned them into a horrific nightmare of disembowelled intestines, allowing them to lash out at range. And Clotter, another new unsettling apex zombie, that can decompose into a revolting pile of gore, making it immune from damage in that form, and then reform elsewhere to continue the fight. Capable of firing a powerful jet of putrid blood from their heart.  
  • New Legendary Weapons such as the Ripper: a deadly fusion of a baseball bat and circular saw into a percussive machine of dismemberment. And the Sawblade Launcher: a heavy weapon firing rotary sawblades; the perfect weapon for ranged decapitation and dismemberment. 

Dead Island 2 Review

In our Dead Island 2 review, Stefan said, “Dead Island 2 does a great job of reanimating this dormant zombie-battling series, with the gore-filled combat and excessive weaponry that goes well with the oversaturated LA setting. It’s an enjoyable romp, but at the same time, ironically feels like it’s playing it safe.”

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