Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth patch 1.020 is out now with new ‘sharp’ or ‘soft’ graphics options

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Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth update 1.020 is out now on PS5, bringing new graphics options and improvements to visual quality in general.

Gamers who choose to play in Performance Mode will now have the choice of ‘Sharp’ or ‘Soft’ visuals. At launch, there were complaints that the image quality in Performance Mode was too soft, thanks to the significant drop in the dynamic resolution bracket compared to the Quality Mode. It seems that Square Enix has now added an optional sharpening filter or upscaling technique to help.

More generally, the patch notes for update 1.020 also promise improvements to the graphical quality and improvements to frame rate – presumably they’re also fixing the “scary facial lighting” with this update. And there’s naturally some more specific fixes for bugs and glitches.

Here’s the full Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth 1.020 patch notes:

Version 1.020

  • Fixes to missing or incorrect characters in some parts of the game text.
  • Fixes to player character bugs that occur in field areas under certain conditions.
  • Fixes to Red XIII’s abilities “Supernal Fervor” and “Watcher’s Spirit” in battle, as these were easily cancelled.
  • Fixes to bugs occurring in battle under specific conditions that would cause enemies to freeze.
  • Fixes to bugs triggered by specific conditions that affect progress through quests.
  • Improvements to frame rate and overall game stability.
  • Addition of a “sharp” or “soft” option for graphical output in Performance Mode.
  • Improvements to graphical quality.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls while controlling a gliding sky chocobo.
  • Reflected reversed camera controls in the sharpshooting minigame.
  • Emphasised the path along the climbable vines in the Mythril Mine.
  • Added difficulty selection to the customisation screen of the minigames Fort Condor and Gears and Gambits.

We scored the game 9/10 in our review. “Final Fantasy VII Rebirth is a beautifully crafted experience that fans old and new will absolutely love,” said Nic.”It almost goes too far in correcting the first game’s linearity with broad open areas stuffed with things to do, but there’s also key additions to the combat, and the story running through this middle chapter is masterfully retold. Really the biggest problem you’ll have once the credits roll is knowing that it will be far too many years before we can finish the trilogy.”

Source: Square Enix

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