Project Mango is a collaboration between Kurzgesagt and Toukana Interactive

A new project has been announced by Toukana Interactive and popular animation house Kurzgesagt – best known for their long-running YouTube channel. What will Project Mango be? That’s anyone’s guess at this stage with just a short teaser trailer for something only expected to release in 2025.

Kurzgesagt is a big channel on YouTube with over 21 million subscribers, thanks to their minimalist style and effortless way of breaking down even the most terrifying and mind-numbing of topics. Here’s a video about another deadly virus, what happens after nuclear war, interstellar war, the impossibility of climate change and so, so much more. But it’s all OK, because sometimes there’s cute cartoon birds.

With that in mind, here’s the blurb from the Project Mango website:

The secret is out: our new game has the working title “Mango” and is the result of our exciting collaboration with kurzgesagt – a collaboration that combines the best of both worlds! We set off for new horizons and take you into a new world: Inspired by the coziness and charm of Dorfromantik, spiced with the sharp-witted humor and scientific curiosity of kurzgesagt. Are you ready to immerse yourself in a gaming experience that will not only captivate you, but also make you wonder and laugh?

Have you already discovered a few secrets in the teaser? Then feel free to share them on our social media channels and join us on our journey to the stars!

Any thoughts?

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