Puppet House brings evil puppets to consoles and PC

Puppets have been a mainstay of horror films for many years and they’re about to get their own game in the shape of Puppet House. Will it include dead-eyed puppets who want to stab you in the chest? Of course it will.

You will be playing as Rick Evans, a photographer with “a penchant for forsaken, haunted places,” and someone who clearly has never watched a horror movie. He decides to have a good look around the abandoned home of the late ventriloquist Peter Hill and quite predictably there are puzzles and puppets, the latter delight in hiding in cupboards until you walk past and then plunging a big knife in your stomach. The scamps!

“The local newspapers are full of disturbing reports about the property once owned by the famous but now-deceased ventriloquist Peter Hill”, say co-developers Vecube Studios. “Mysterious screams emanating from inside the house terrify the residents of Field Town. More and more people are disappearing under mysterious circumstances. With each step you take into the house, you discover that the truth is hidden deep in the mansion’s walls. What dark secrets lie within this long-abandoned house?”

Along with the puppets you will also encounter puzzles “that require you to be not only clever but also logical”, so put on your best Spock ears before playing.

Puppet House is described as a single player horror survival game and will be heading to PC via various platforms, and PS5 and Xbox Series X|S later this year but you can Wishlist it on Steam right now.

Puppet House

Source: Press release / YouTube

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