Capcom apologises after Dragon’s Dogma 2 Steam reviews slam performance and microtransactions

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Having received glowing reviews from the press, Dragon’s Dogma 2 has been hammered by Steam users who got their hands on the game overnight. The reaction has been so bad to elements including game performance, the use of Denuvo copy protection and inclusion of microtransactions that Capcom has issued a hasty statement of apology and explanation.

On the performance side of things, Capcom notes that CPU time is allocated to each character in the game, and so in areas that a lot of characters appear at the same time this can lead to some hefty CPU load, affecting performance. However, that goes in tandem with the use of Denuvo copy protection, which is often cited as a major burden on legitimately purchased games. Capcom are looking at how to improve performance here, which should benefit both PC and console versions of the game, though of note, both the minimum and recommended specs that they provide only target 30fps.

From our side of things, we found that the game generally does a decent job off staying at or close to 30fps on PS5, though there can be dips and stutter. On PC, Jason’s beefy gaming rig left him with no real complaints over performance, though every player’s expectations will naturally be different. Some people have actually resorted to slaughtering NPCs to try and improve their frame rate, which feels a bit extreme.

Another point of disappointment for users is the inclusion of microtransactions, all of which are for items that you would ordinarily earn in-game. These include items for restoring the dead to life, escaping the gaol, and even using the character editor after the start of the game. These range from £0.89 for raising the dead, to £2.49 for camping gear, and top out at £4.45 for 2500 Rift Crystals.

That microtransactions would be available at launch was made clear to reviewers and streamers, compared to other games where developers/publishers add microtransactions sometimes months after launch. It’s definitely a very, very grey area to have them for items that you earn in-game, where you’re trying to monetise time saving in ways that make you question how a game has been balanced – notably Dragon’s Dogma 2 tries to deemphasise fast travel, but then has paid DLC for the Portcrystals you need – but we didn’t really feel no need for more than what could be earned through play.

Here’s Capcom’s full statement:

To all Dragon’s Dogma 2 players

We would like to update you on the status of the following items, about which we have received numerous comments from the community. To all those looking forward to this game, we sincerely apologize for any inconvenience.

■Crashes and bug fixes
We are investigating/fixing critical problems such as crashes and freezing.
We will be addressing crashes and bug fixes starting from those with the highest priority in patches in the near future.

■The option of starting a new game
We are looking at adding a feature to the Steam version of the game that will allow players that are already playing to restart the game. We will announce more details as soon as we can.

■Paid DLC
All the items listed below can be obtained in-game or as paid DLC items.
Art of Metamorphosis – Character Editor
Ambivalent Rift Incense – Change Pawn Inclinations
Portcrystal – Warp Location Marker
Wakestone – Restore the dead to life!
500 Rift Crystals / 1500 Rift Crystals / 2500 Rift Crystals – Points to Spend Beyond the Rift
Makeshift Gaol Key – Escape from gaol!
Harpysnare Smoke Beacons – Harpy Lure Item

■Regarding Frame Rate
A large amount of CPU usage is allocated to each character and calculating the impact of their physical presence in various areas. In certain situations where numerous characters appear simultaneously, the CPU usage can be very high and may affect the frame rate. We are aware that in such situations, settings that reduce GPU load may currently have a limited effect; however, we are looking into ways to improve performance in the future.

The Dragon’s Dogma 2 Team

Source: Steam

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