Helldivers 2 gets two new weapons – Quasar Cannon & Heavy Machine Gun unlocked

Helldivers 2
Helldivers 2

Two new weapons have been added to Helldivers 2, with players now able to grab themselves a new Heavy Machine Gun and powerful new Quasar Cannon as support weapon stratagems.

The in-game announcement of the new weapons reads:


In order to support the destruction of the Automatons, the Ministry of Defence has fast-tracked new support weapons for immediate distribution.

The LAS-99 Quasar Cannon and MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun are now available for requisition.

I’ve not been able to go hands on with these weapons myself, but early users are finding the Quasar Cannon to be very, very effective. Let’s head to Reddit for a quick opinion:

“Best weapon in the game,” writes the_bored_goat on Reddit, “it’s an [Expendable Anti-Tank] with infinite ammo, it performs just as well as the EAT damage wise, doesn’t have a reload animation, and has infinite range.

“It two shots hulks and bile titans, (titans need headshots, hulks don’t) it one shots chargers and bruiser, and it looks super cool, also its cooldown is maybe just a little longer then it would take to reload the recoilless rifle. Oh yea it can also smoke dropships.

“Such a democratic weapon it makes me cry.”

It can also blow up Automaton Fabricators, so expect this weapon in particular to be very, very popular while the current Major Order is sending players across to fight the robotic menace.

The HMG is also sure to be a popular option for those wanting a little more punch to their crowd control, though the gun has a limited magazine size of 75 bullets, so you might end up reloading a bit more often than with the standard MG.

Helldivers 2 players are currently being ordered to liberate the Automaton-controlled planet Troost, but this is currently locked away by not having connecting routes from already secured planets, so we’re having to battle our way through those first.

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