Alone in the Dark update is crawling with bug fixes

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Developer Pieces Interactive has released its first Alone in the Dark update since the horror remake launched earlier this month.

Ready to download across all available platforms, this new Alone in the Dark update brings a whole load of bug fixes as well as other improvements. During our own review playthrough we noted a couple of sequence skips, allowing us to bypass entire sections of the game – hopefully these have now been fixed.

Looking to replicate Capcom‘s recent runaway success with its own horror remakes, Alone in the Dark transports players back to interwar Louisiana as they attempt to solve its Lovecraftian mysteries. In our review we scored the game a 5/10, saying “while it’s great to witness the return of survival horror royalty, Alone in the Dark haphazardly follows modern genre trends where it once invented them. While it mostly succeeds at drawing players into a Lovecraftian mystery, it’s hard to ignore the underbaked action elements used to patch these story beats together.”

Anyway, here are those latest patch notes.

Alone in the Dark Update 1.000.0005 | Patch Notes


  • Shotgun balancing.


  • Level streaming improvements.
  • Lighting tweaks in several areas.

Bugs fixed

  • Several fixes of memory related crashes on Xbox.
  • Fixed crash related to autosaves in the Cemetery.
  • Fixed crash related to loading saved game files from earlier versions of the game.
  • Fixed crash when entering Cemetery through the basement door/passage.
  • Fixed crash during the transition to Chapter 3.
  • Fixed crash when opening the door to the Conservatory.
  • Fixed crash in the Gallatin Street showroom.
  • The number of chambered bullets after loading a save should now be correct.
  • DLCs are no longer available if disabled in Steam.
  • Fixed issue where the puzzle HUD remained on screen after exiting a puzzle.
  • Changes to keybindings are now persistent.
  • Fixed issues with PC getting stuck on objects in Gallatin Street.
  • Fixed several instances of flickering HLODs.
  • Players can no longer access the cheat on the circuit breaker puzzle.
  • General fixes related to sounds breaking and becoming distorted.
  • Fixed issue with PC being blocked after the Crypt anomaly in Derceto.
  • Fixed issue with PC being pushed into the wall in the Crypt anomaly in Derceto.
  • Fixed menu issues on UWS monitors.
  • Fixed save issues related to the zipline cutscene on Oil Rig.
  • PC should no longer get stuck by the destructible gate on the Oil Rig level.
  • Stopped being able to backtrack on the burning Oil Rig level and get blocked.
  • Removed broken reset button in the X-Ray puzzle.
  • Removed blocker between flooded morgue and Dr. Gray’s apartment when playing as Emily.
  • Removed floating crucifix in War Photo.
  • Fixed problem with PC getting stuck when traversing below the fallen pillar leading to the first puzzle in Desert Standing Stones.
  • Fixed issues with sound delays after loading a save.
  • Fixed issue where Batiste’s Keys were missing from inventory in Chapter 2.
  • Fixed collision issues on breakable chairs.
  • Fixed save issues related to objectives updates in AW4.● Fixed screen freeze issues when picking up the Furniture Key.
  • Players can now remap the opportunity action on keyboard.
  • Fixed issues where throwing items breaks interactions.
  • Players can no longer be blocked by missing a puzzle piece in the attic.
  • Fixed issues where PC spawned outside of playable area after loading saved game.
  • Fixed save issue where player could get stuck in basement after loading saved game.
  • “You can’t keep me out” achievement can now be completed.

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