Dave The Diver comes to PS Plus Extra and Premium April 16th

Dave the Diver artwork header

Dave The Diver will be added to the PS Plus Extra and Premium game catalogue on its PlayStation launch day of April 16th, Mintrocket has confirmed. Dave The Diver mixes a lot different gameplay elements together from ocean exploration, running a sushi restaurant, seahorse racing, and an anime music rhythm game all mixed together in this pot. There is also a Godzilla DLC coming in May.

The game has already been released on console with a Nintendo Switch port at the tail end of 2023,However, this version has not met expectations due to performance issues. Dave the Diver was honoured with the Best PC Game award in our 2023 Game of the Year awards, with Dom saying, “With Dave the Diver you should prepare to be constantly surprised. On the surface, this is a game about diving with a portly man called Dave. You know he’s out of shape because everyone comments on it within the opening moments of the game, but it soon becomes clear that this is a man, and a game, with hidden depths.”

Source: PS Blog

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