The Fallout TV show will start streaming a day early – all eight episodes of it

The Fallout TV show will start streaming even earlier that previously announced. The new stream date and time for the eight episode first season of Fallout is April 10th at 6PM PDT – that’s 11th April at 2AM BST in the UK.

Set 200 years after the apocalypse, we get to see the denizens of a luxurious fallout shelter heading out into the wasteland for the first time, encountering the Brotherhood of Steel, towns of scrappy wastelanders, and all the crazy mutated monstrosities that will be familiar from the game. Coming from the Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy, the creators of Westworld, it stars Ella Purnell, Aaron Moten, Walton Goggins and more.

The announced change was made by Walton Goggins (sans ghoul make up), who said it is being done as “a thank you to all the fans out there”, though it obviously completely changes any plans that people had to watch it – plans that had already changed since the original air date of 12th April. Any diehard fans that booked Friday off work in order to be able to gorge themselves on the series before spoilers could catch up to them on the internet will now have to change days off.

It’s also a complete mess for the marketing. Sure, it’s only one day, but every single video and trailer released thus far – even as recently as the featurette above from 3 days ago – now has the wrong date on it. It’s better than delaying the show’s air date, but it feels like a forced attempt to make the show go viral online and rush people into watching it somehow. I’m sure Amazon knows what they’re doing. Maybe.

And what they are potentially doing is gearing up for a second season, as reported by Variety. The California Film Commission is offering $25 million in tax credits for a second season to be filmed in the state. That’s not a guarantee that a second season is coming, but California’s clearly trying to get some more Amazon bucks heading into their coffers.

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