Deliver Us The Moon studio KeokeN lays off entire team, will rebuild “brick by brick” to Deliver Us Home

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Deliver Us The Moon and Deliver Us Mars studio KeokeN has laid off its entire team after failing to get funding for new projects, co-development or work for hire opportunities through the start of the year. Founders Koen and Paul Deetman have committed to rebuilding KeokeN “brick by brick” in an effort to round out a Deliver Us trilogy with Deliver Us Home

KeokeN had previously announced in February that they had laid off four members of its core team of 19, while the founders took pay cuts and went without salaries to try to weather their difficulties. Unfortunately, despite their best efforts to secure funding through pitching 5 games to 40 publishers in the past two years, and a last ditch effort at GDC, they were unsuccessful.

Paul and Koen still have a vision and plan to finish the Deliver Us trilogy with Deliver Us Home, but will be taking the project to Kickstarter to secure funding directly from the community and likely use this to prove to publishers that there is sufficient interest and demand to warrant further outside investment.

Their full statement reads:

Heartbroken, we’ve had to lay off our team at KeokeN because of nothing substantial materializing directly after our visit to GDC. We’ve unfortunately exhausted all our possible options for publishing, work for hire, and co-development.

It is our utmost priority to make sure our lovely team finds a new home somewhere else, so if you have any positions available in Programming, Tech Art, Porting, Level Design, Audio, Animation, Production, Office Management, contact us, so that we can introduce you to the very best people who have been at the heart of KeokeN over the past 10 years.

Paul and I are heavily beat, but far from beaten. It’s our personal mission to rebuild KeokeN brick by brick like we’ve done before, in the name of our people and to continue the legacy of our games.

It has become abundantly clear that what is most important to us and our team is you, our community. You play our games, you make our games shine, you make us feel special as you believe in us. You have showed up consistently in both the good and the bad times, from our debut Kickstarter in the past to our recent video asking for help. Because of you, we’ve reached millions of people. We have always needed you and continue to do so.

Personally, we are preparing a Kickstarter soon for our much-anticipated Deliver Us Home. This is one small step for KeokeN, one giant leap for Delivering Us Home. A game we will build for you and with you.

Deliver Us The Moon was a Kickstarter success story when it launched back in 2017, leaning on plenty of sci fi space disaster tropes but weaving an intriguing and individual story. That led into the more adventurous sequel Deliver Us Mars, which I reviewed, saying, “Deliver Us Mars is another engaging science fiction tale with something to say about our modern world. This message is wrapped in a more personal story this time around, that’s bolder in how it tells it, and mixes it well with broader action and puzzling, so it’s just a shame that the game can’t match that ambition with some technical weaknesses even on the latest consoles.”

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