Dead By Daylight x Dungeons & Dragons revealed, with 2v8 mode and Castlevania chapter teased

Dead by Daylight Dungeons & Dragons Vecna header

Behaviour Interactive’s 8th anniversary stream saw them make a slew of big announcements for their main game and franchise, Dead by Daylight. There’s the reveal of the next big event, themed after Dungeons & Dragons, a new 2v8 game mode, and a tease of what’s coming down the pipe with a Castlevania collaboration!

First things first is the Dead by Daylight x Dungeon & Dragons Chapter, which will bring the D&D villain Vecna, AKA The LIch into the game as a new killer, while a Bard named Aestri Yazar is the new Survivor opposed to him. Alongside that will be the new map Forgotten Ruins, which is full of D&D easter eggs such as getting loot, magical items and rolling dice.

All of this is now available in the Public Test Build, with a full launch on 3rd June 2024.

Another fan-pleasing announcement was the 2v8 game mode that will pit two killers against 8 survivors in a new super-sized map. This comes with various gameplay adjustments to rebalance the action, so there’s a class-like system instead of Perks and Cages instead of Hooks.

More details on this will be made available in July.

Rounding out the show was a trailer for the upcoming Castlevania Chapter, with Behaviour teaming up with Konami to bring the iconic game series into DBD. The teaser gives just a small glimpse of what the vampiric new Killer will be like when the chapter launches later this year.

Elsewhere, Behaviour also announced and launched a whole new game, What the Fog, shared a new gameplay trailer for The Casting of Frank Stone, and announced a new session-based PvE action-horror shooter currently codenamed “Project T,” which is opening its doors to the community with an Insider Program.

All in all, it was a pretty horrible stream… in all the right ways for DBD fans!

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