Steamworld Heist II new video discusses the game’s story

SteamWorld Heist II was announced last month, much to many people’s surprise. Today, Thunderful Games has released a new video that delves into the story of the pirate themed sequel, which comes nine years after the first SteamWorld Heist originally released for the Nintendo 3DS, which was set in Space.

SteamWorld Heist II is set on the Great Oceanic Shard, a remnant of the shattered planet that revolves around its core. The water of the Shard sea are essential for the survival of the SteamWorld residents, who need it to keep running. However, the water is becoming corrosive and dangerous for everyone that relies on though no one knows why. Captain Quincy Leeway is more concerned about the location of his submarine, rather than the Royal Navy’s strict control over the Shard sea’s water.

Captain Leeway is the character players will be controlling in between missions, travelling around the Shard recruiting new members to the crew, as well as upgrading them too. Quincy has one arm and is not playable in missions, with the crew instead taking on the jobs instead. You will start with a couple of crewmates including Daisy, who is loyal to Quincy, and Wesley, who is seeking an honourable death in battle.

The world of Steamworld Heist II is a mystery, covering in fog until you go into areas, so you will not know what you are going into at first. The Royal Navy patrols the sea too, and is a danger to players as these ships will attack without warning. The world is also split between the warm Caribia sea and the cold Arctica sea. In Arctica, it is the Rattler faction that pose the danger to players. Combat is key to surviving on the sea, and your submarine will deal damage when lining up against enemy ships, however some enemies are very powerful. If you lose a battle and become shipwrecked, you will respawn at the last bar you visited. The submarine can be upgraded too with more powerful weapons and armour, an engine that allows for more speed, and an upgrade to dive under the waves.

Steamworld Heist II will be released on August 8th for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Steam.

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