What We Played #654 – Assassin’s Creeds, Little Kitty & Prison Architect 2

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The next few weeks are really going to be ramping up with showcases and announcements, and there was a big one from Ubisoft a couple days ago. Of course, all the games companies reveal will be months, if not years away, so let’s bring the focus back more to the here and now… where I’ve been playing a game that’s a few months away from release. I got to dip a toe into Prison Architect 2, which has a big and daunting task to follow on the cult smash original. That’s been joined by a couple things I can’t talk about yet, so let’s move swiftly on!

With the Assassin’s Creed Shadows announcement, Dom has been replaying ACIII, saying, “I don’t know why I really like that one.” Ade has a similar love for the series in general, but has been playing Astor: Blade of the Monolith for review, which is a “My-First-Zelda” action RPG kind of game. He’s also made a start on the medieval XCOM-like Crown Wars: The Black Prince for another review, and washed that down with his continuing murder investigation in Pentiment – “No idea who the culprit is but I’m having enormous fun regardless!”

AC Mirage smoke bomb

Joining the Assassin’s Creed train, Aran has been playing and enjoying the throwback gameplay and size of Assassin’s Creed Mirage. There’s also been some Darksiders Warmastered on Steam Deck, which has a funny old bug where cutscenes aren’t playing.

Jason’s not been Hades 2, and having now beat the final boss for the first time is putting it to one side while Supergiant build the game through Early Access – “It’s incredible, but I’m happy to wait a bit.” So he’s moved on to Inkound from the Monster Train developers, and Gatekeeper, which is a roguelike with top-down Risk of Rain vibes.

Having rampaged through Little Kitty, Big City like a cat in a china shop, Steve has grabbed the platinum trophy in Tales of Kenzera: Zau, which he enjoyed as a combat platformer more than a metroidvania, and moved on to Crow Country for a review.

Gamoc is mostly playing Fallout 4, and adding mods to make it less annoying. His sister also now has Baldur’s Gate 3, so he’s created yet another character to join her world – he’s up to three current characters now – before trying the MOBA Gigantic and Capes for review.

While AC Shadows has made him want to replay Ghost of Tsushima, Nic B’s on night feeding duty, and has been using the wee hours to gett back into MTG’s Arena client and some online play – “even when horrifically sleep deprived, I can still beat people with virtual cardboard.”

Read Only Memory: Neurodiver dialogue

Rattling through his hefty gaming diet, Miguel has played Read Only Memories: Neurodiver, Panzer Knights, Neptunia Game Maker (R)evolution, Honkai Star Rail, Genshin Impact, some Fortnite, and a pinch of Dread Delusion and Apex Legends!

And Tuffcub has played “Fallout 4, Destiny 2. Kilmarnock vs Rangers is a late kick off,” but reckons that nobody will get this joke anymore. In other news, he’s also been spotted yelling at clouds in the park.

That’s us, but what about you? Let us know what you’ve played in the comments below.

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  1. Elden Ring- I was determined to succeed on my day off wed, had a couple of goes, managed to avoid most attacks and got final boss down to 10% – the fight now seemed incredibly do-able – so i waited for the palpitations to subside and jumped in for another go – and melted the Elden Beast! Finally after 350 hours my first run comes to an end and it’s been awesome all the way.

    I (re)played a little Cyberpunk 2077 but i’m not really feeling it atm. Also made a start on Mortal Shell – it doesn’t have the same draw as ER and the hardening mechanic is something to get used to but it was ridiculously cheap so i’ll see how i get on with it.

    I’m still thinking about Elden Ring though … i can still mop up any little bits i missed or go to NG+ or even a brand new game with a new character – but with the DLC looming i should probably hold tough for the moment.

    • Congratulations! Making it through these From games is quite a feat..!

      • Thanks! Enjoy your new journey in Demons Souls – i have it on my to do llist.

  2. This week I did something I rarely ever do: I started to play a remaster of an older game I played through ages ago, Demon’s Souls. I made it through the story back in February 2011. Now, my son started to play it, and as I watched him play, I got hooked and started another playthrough myself, what an excellent game..!

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