Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus DLC revealed

Fury Studios has unveiled the next major DLC for Kingdom Two Crowns, entitled Call of Olympus. This new content will offer a unique interpretation on Ancient Greek mythology, featuring the series’ adversary, The Greed. In Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus, players will engage in  battle against The Greed to discover the mysteries hidden atop Mount Olympus.

Greed is not the sole obstacle in the player’s journey to discover what lies atop Mount Olympus. Securing the favor of various gods is also essential, requiring island-hopping across the Greek archipelago. These quests will be taking place during the day, rewarding various artifacts that can be used in battle when The Greed emerges at night.

Kingdom Two Crowns Review

In our Kingdom Two Crowns review, Thomas said, “Kingdom Two Crowns feels more like an extensive update than a new entry to the series, but the base game is still so immensely enjoyable that it doesn’t really matter. This is the perfect starting point for new players, and those who are returning might still be surprised by some of the secrets to be found.”

Kingdom Two Crowns is currently 75% off on Steam as part of Raw Fury’s publisher sale, and it will remain 75% off until June 3rd. Kingdom Two Crowns: Call of Olympus will be available for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Switch, iOS, and Android. The release date is yet to be confirmed.

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