Stellar Blade Boss Challenge update is here with new cosmetics

Stellar Blade update patch notes

Stellar Blade update 1.003 is here, bringing with it a new Boss Challenge mode, some new Nano Suits and quality of life improvements to the PS5 exclusive.

Boss Challenge will present you with all 19 bosses from the main game, though you need to have defeated them all in the story mode before you can face them again, and can do so at Hard difficulty after you’ve seen the end of the game.

You can take on the boss rush with either your own gear from the story, or with several presets, from the “minimum” through to a maximum preset with all skills and stats buffed. Then, at the end of a run you’ll see various stats like battle time, perfect parries and dodges, consumables and more.

Defeating all bosses in Boss Challenge will earn you the Neurolink Suit.

Speaking of suits, there’s two colour variants of another new Nano Suit. The White Kunoichi and Black Kunoichi, will be available for all in this update.

Stellar Blade Black Kunoichi

Rounding out the update are some quality of life improvements:

  • If you switch to ranged attack mode and switch back while locked on to an enemy, you will automatically lock on to the enemy again.
  • An option to always show the compass in the HUD.

Stellar Blade is a good, solid action game from Shift Up, blending together high action a la Bayonetta and Nier Automata, and some great PS5 visuals. We said in our Stellar Blade review, “Stellar Blade is a pretty enjoyable game to swing your hairband sword at, so long as you don’t mind the obvious sexualisation. There’s a few rough areas, but nothing to spoil things overall and there’s plenty of interesting story to uncover as you fight your way through giant monsters with circular saws for heads and weird tentacles for legs.”

Source: PS Blog

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