What We Played #655 – Capes, Hellblade 2 & Crown Wars: The Black Prince

Hellblade 2 header combat

I’ve found a renewed love for Overwatch 2 this week, and as such I’ve been spending more time than is healthy in competitive matchmaking. What it has taught me is that if someone else plays as Moira I don’t really know how to play any other support characters. Then everything goes to hell. Still, I’ve mostly been having fun. Other than that, I’ve been playing Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II for review, and dipping into Monster Hunter Stories 1+2 as well.

Firstly, this week is a big one for one of our News Editors, Aran, as he is getting married tomorrow! Huge congratulations, and we wish you all the best on your special day from all of us at TSA!

Jim is not getting married, instead deciding to wrap up the Thieves Guild quests in Skyrim and turning his sights towards The Dark Brotherhood. He says, “I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my return to The Elder Scrolls series and now have a deep longing to play Oblivion.” He continued, “While I would say that starting another open-world game would be foolish, that’s exactly what I’ve done with Death Stranding. Having abandoned it soon after launch, I felt like I jumped off just before things we’re about to get good. In some ways that’s true – I’ve now surpassed where I was on my original playthrough, and have access to progression unlocks that make the game less of a chore, no doubt bolstered by some post-launch content and QoL improvements. With a sequel on the way, I’m definitely going to stick with it, even if I’m also juggling Ghost of Tsushima which – I’m happy to report – plays nicely on Steam Deck.”

Ade has played Crown Wars: The Black Prince for review, and you can check out his thoughts right now! Otherwise, he’s been maintaining his pirate empire in Skull of Bones. He tells us, “Gotta say, I’m still thoroughly enjoying the game and am genuinely excited for Season 2 dropping next week! Oh, and I’ve been playing some Star Wars: Jedi Survivor, fantastic blockbuster action game, if that’s your kind of thing the game does not disappoint!”

Crown Wars combat

Gamoc has played Capes, an XCOM style superhero game, as well as Diablo IV, and Baldur’s Gate 3. Meanwhile, Nick P has seemingly played a bit of everything. Stellar Blade, Helldivers 2, Dead by Daylight, Street Fighter 6 and Killer Klowns from Outer Space for review next week.

Rounding things out for the week, Tef polished off a review of Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door, loving the ability to play the GameCube classic on Switch, and that’s before the lovely makeover in a new engine. He also hopped into some matches of Killer Klowns with Nick and Steve to help fill out the server.

What about you? What have you played?

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  1. Following on from completing Elden RIng – i’ve started a brand new game with a new character! I tried jumping into some other games but this is still the one i want to play the most xD. Currently having fun with a shield and spear.

    • I totally missed it when scanning the article yesterday – Congrats Aran – may all your ups and downs be between the sheets! :)

  2. I’m a little surprised getting married is still a thing these days… ;-) But, of course, all the best.!

    This week I first tried Adr1ft, before it left Plus. It looked ok, but was rather confusing mission-wise. I also deleted Last Stop, which after the first few hours didn’t pull me in like their game Virginia did.

    I finally had a go at Dark Souls 2, which was in my backlog for a long time. But it looks pretty old, pales especially in comparison to the new Demon’s Souls. I’ll give it another go, but I’m not convinced my motivation will be high enough to keep going.
    My highlight, again, was Demon’s Souls, I made it through the prison, probably my favorite level of the game. Excellent..!

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