DayZ update 1.25 live as major DLC goes free

Bohemia Interactive has launched DayZ update 1.25 for PC players, adding a much-requested feature to the popular zombie survival shooter. Not only that, the Czech studio has some great news for those who have been waiting to pull the trigger on its Livonia map DLC.

The focus of DayZ update 1.25 is the game’s audio, with a number of welcome changes. First, there’s the new music (which can also be accessed outside of DayZ via a Steam playlist:

“We worked with Czech composer Dikolson to create a subtle and ambient background [music] that increases your immersion as you walk through different areas of the game at various times of the day. There’s approximately 70 minutes of music available at the moment, with more to come in the future.”

Not only that, the developers have been busy reworking the audio for a number of weapons including shotguns, the crossbow, and the grenade launcher. The aim is to create a more immersive soundscape where players can track each other’s actions and whereabouts more keenly through in-game sound effects.

And then there’s the aforementioned DLC news. Livonia, DayZ’s first major premium expansion, will be made free for everyone who currently owns a copy of the base game. Going forward, every purchase of DayZ will also include Livonia, albeit at a slightly higher price tag.

In case you missed it, there’s more exciting DayZ DLC news. The recently announced Frostline will add an all-new battleground, transporting survivors to the wintery climate of Sakhal. There’s more to Frostline than a simple change of scenery however, with the expansion promising new mechanics – here’s a quick overview:

▪ New Terrain:
Explore a rugged and forgotten volcanic archipelago in the Far East, where time stands still.

▪ Winter landscape:
An authentic recreation of a late winter environment. From icy lakes to snow-covered forests and mountains, Sakhal offers picturesque scenery everywhere you go.

▪ Harsher survival:
Sakhal poses by far the biggest danger out of any other environment you may have visited. Prepare for the cold as you manage warmth, hunt for food, and fend off the dangers lurking in the snow.

▪ Environmental Hazards:
Discover the hazards of living near volcanic areas.

▪ Richer wilderness:
Encounter new animals adapted to the chilly climate, adding to your hunting challenges and opportunities.

▪ New gameplay mechanics:
New diseases and an updated fishing mechanic are among many changes to keep you on your toes.

▪ Winter Cosmetics:
Dress for the season with winter-themed cosmetics.

With updates and DLC arriving later on console versions, PlayStation and Xbox players will need to wait a little longer to get DayZ update 1.25 though hopefully it isn’t too far behind!

Source: DayZ Official Website

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