Concord gets flashy trailers, a beta, and a launch date

Firewalk’s PlayStation exclusive Concord has been revealed, with a slick animated cinematic trailer paired with a gameplay reveal for the 5v5 first person shooter. A pre-launch beta will be held in July with a full launch on PS5 on 23rd August 2024.

Concord will drop you into the shoes of the crew of the North Star, taking on high-stakes jobs that will see you facing off against other Free Gunner crews. With class-based characters each with contrasting abilities and gear, there will be a lot of you wondering how this is different from Overwatch. Well, some gear and gadgets will have effects that persist beyond rounds, so traps, lane-blockers, shield barriers and more can shape an entire match between teams.

Each week will open with a new cinematic vignette that will feed into the character building and overarching universe that Firewalk is creating, aiming to go beyond the character building of other examples of the genre.

It will be interesting to see how all of this comes together when we get a first look in July.

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  1. I thought i was watching a Guardians of the Galaxy clone for a moment.

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