First Monster Hunter Wilds trailer shows monster herds, sandstorms & more

The first gameplay teases for Monster Hunter Wilds have been revealed, sharing a look at how Capcom is taking the next step with their increasingly popular monster hunting series. Check it out.

Monster Hunter Wilds was announced at the Game Awards last year, taking the series to a new desert lands, with all the challenges that this brings, such as battle monsters in sandstorms. The game also looks to take better advantage of the current generation consoles with larger herds and packs of animals, where you might try to lure a singular beast away from the pack to take them down individually.

Monster Hunter Wilds looks like a big expansion on the ideas of Monster Hunter World and Monster Hunter Rise, and Capcom can dream big with their push for cutting edge visuals that helped to make World such a huge success. Expect a few new tricks on top of Monster Hunter Rise’s Wirebugs, Palamutes along the way.

Since you’ve got a bit of time to kill before the next game is out, why not play some Monster Hunter Rise again? After all, it’s out on PS5 and Xbox Series, and Dom said of the port, “Monster Hunter Rise remains one of the best action-RPGs of recent years, and the PS5 release is a perfect example of what should be going into this kind of port.”

There’s also Monster Hunter Stories coming to PlayStation and Xbox for the first time.

There’s an official website up but it’s not got any further details of the game.


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