Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown release date confirmed for September

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown header artwork

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will launch on 12th September 2024 across PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC in 2024, Nacon and KT Racing have confirmed. Early access will be able from 5th September for pre-orders. Check out the new release date trailer:

Announced way back in 2020, it’s been a long wait for fans of earlier games in the series – the last of which arrived in the early 2010s for PS3 and Xbox 360 – to have a true confirmation of when Solar Crown will be released. First planned for September 2022, KT Racing has been afforded a further two years to bring their vision for Test Drive Unlimited to fruition.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown will take players to Hong Kong Island, featuring a full-sized recreation of reality, with a blend of built up cities and the thick wilderness. There will be plenty of high speed racing to be found within this game and setting, and players will choose between the Sharp and Street clans that vie for supremacy on Hong Kong’s roads, but TDU has always been about celebrating cars and car culture, as much as the racing itself. The intention is for this to be more of a social driving MMO, in contrast to the car bonanza of other open world racers.

Prior to the release date trailer, Nacon released a trio of gameplay trailers that dug into the different styles of driving and racing that will be found in Solar Crown. The Explorer went off road and into the hills of the island, following on from The Cruiser, for more sedate driving around town, and The Racer, for the more competitive among us.

We went hands on with TDU Solar Crown at Gamescom last year, sampling its unique blend of more social driving and racing. “Yes, it’s a game in which you drive and race around Hong Kong,” I wrote in our preview, “but it’s also a game that will be best when you engage and actively share that space with other players. It’s not always about being first, it’s not always about racing rivalries, sometimes it’s nice to just hang out and drive together.”

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