Nacon announces new Revosim direct drive racing wheels

Nacon is set to take a shot at the sim racing world, announcing the development of its first steering wheel peripherals and the formation of a new department dedicated to racing.

The French publisher and game accessories maker is building the new racing department around KT Racing on the game development side – currently hard at work finishing development of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown – and a new Revosim premium brand that will include Nacon’s first steering wheel.

Revosim will check all the boxes for a modern high-end racing wheel with a direct drive motor, a GT steering wheel design, and a set of pedals with a load cell for braking.

Details on pricing and availability have yet to be announced, but the Revosim will be going up against the best of Thrustmaster, Logitech, Fanatec and more boutique wheel manufacturers. It’s a potentially difficult market to crack, but new contenders are always welcome.

The racing department is being led by Sébastien Waxin, who has been in charge of Nacon’s racing game catalogue of over a decade. For the announcement he said, “We are proud to be presenting, for the first time, the prototype of our first premium racing wheel during Bigben Week. Its development represents a natural step in the evolution of NACON’s expertise, epitomised by the new brand Revosim, which combines the company’s many years of experience in racing simulations with the flagship Revolution accessories brand. We are looking forward to revealing the technical details of the steering wheel in the coming months.”

Nacon is a well established brand for third party gaming peripherals. The RIG gaming headsets have their distinctive industrial style combined with high quality audio, there’s an ever-evolving set of pro controllers for PlayStation and Xbox, keyboards and mice for PC, arcade sticks and more.

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