What We Played #656 Hellblade 2, EA F1 24 and XDefiant

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Another Friday rolls around, and it’s been a week that’s once again full of gaming goodness. I’ve continued to dabble in Overwatch 2, though I’ve seemingly got worse at it this week. I’ve also been playing Hellblade 2, EA F1 24, and the lovely fantastical city builder Fabledom. My son thinks I like it because it has my name in it. That’s not entirely true, but it might help.

It is the second week in a row that we’re announcing TSA nuptials, and this time we’re wishing all the best to our Editor in Chief, Teflon, as he’s all set to get married tomorrow! It’s a wedding bonanza around here!

Gamoc has played Diablo IV Season 4, Fallout 4, Stranded: Alien Dawn, and Fallout New Vegas, saying, “The latter is a challenge, every fight has me dipping into my inventory.”

Following his own wedding last week, Aran hasn’t played any games as he’s currently on a little honeymoon in Cornwall. I am sending him a review code for BLUD though, so I expect he’ll be playing that when he gets back!

Jason has been playing Wuthering Waves, which apparently has some potential as a slightly more combat-intensive open-world gacha game. He’s also been playing lots of D&D, “the one true way to be a fool with friends.”

Lightfall Guardian

TC has been playing Destiny 2 in prep for The Final Shape. He also has more SixthAxis wedding action to announce as we offer congratulations to Andy and Steph from the TSA Destiny Clan who also got married last weekend! We love the amount of love in the (chat)room!

Jim takes things in a different direction by playing Death Stranding. He told us, “While somewhat soothing, I’m now wanting to forge ahead with the story instead of building every road and delivering every nugget of cargo I can see. In typical Kojima fashion, the story isn’t making any sense, though I’m quite happy for it to wash over me instead of feverishly flicking through the Death Stranding wiki for answers.”

That’s not the only thing from our Senior Editor, as he continues, “I’ve also played a few matches of XDefiant, Ubisoft’s Call of Duty rival that features a cast of crossover factions. It’s fast, fun, and has a good amount of depth thanks to the Overwatch-like ultimate abilities, weapon loadouts, and player progression. The lack of skill-based matchmaking has also been a nice novelty after years of back-to-back Call of Duty games where I’ve been seemingly thrown to the wolves straight out of the gate.”

XDefiant Escort Mode

Meanwhile, Steve has played the heck out of Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga, saying, “I’ve really enjoyed the audio-visual spectacle and the harrowing narrative but the gameplay hasn’t really evolved since the first one. I then moved on to the average but fun Immortals of Aveum, the failure of which is a shame as it sets up an interesting fantasy FPS world that will probably never be used again. Alongside these I got all the achievements in the cute as hell Little Kitty, Big City and have been playing the fantastic Lorelei and the Laser Eyes for review – this has taken a bit longer as my kids (12 and 17) are playing it with me.”

Finally, Ade has been playing Astor: Blade of the Monolith for review. You can read his words about it right freak’n now!

And what about you? Played anything good this week?

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  1. Congrats Stefan, wishing you both a very splendid co-op future togethaa!

    • Oh yes, and i’m continuing Elden Ring new playthrough, having fun with a short spear although it’s challenging at times, just completed Magrit & most of Stormveil.

    • Thanks :)

  2. This marrying thing sounds contagious at TSA, I hope you manage to contain it… ;-)
    All the best..!

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