Check out the trailer for World of Warcraft’s The War Within

The Harbinger of the Void has been revealed in this new cinematic trailer for World of Warcraft’s The War Within expansion. “With Xal’atath’s dark plans set in motion, her gaze now shifts to Azeroth’s heroes and the struggles they face within,” say Blizzard.

The expansion will have a beta test that starts on June 5th and anyone who purchases or upgrades to the Epic Edition of The War Within will get beta access, everyone else will be selected by Blizzard and will receive an email if they are lucky. Blizzard strongly suggest you log in to your account to verify any invitation you get as phishers may use the beta as a way to snag your data.

New systems, the complete levelling experience, zones, dungeons, delves, Warbands, and the new playable Earthen are all available in the beta. Raid testing will come at a later time.

The zones are:

  • The Isle of Down – Discover the land of Khaz Algar, off the western shores of Pandaria and home to the Earthen. Their capital city, Dornogal, will become the new meeting ground for the Horde and Alliance.
  • The Ringing Deep – This gigantic cavern serves as the home of the Machine Speakers, Earthen who maintain the gigantic Titan machines of old.
  • Hallowfall – Lit by a massive crystal at its center, this bright underground zone is home to the Arathi who are engaged in a continuing battle against the nerubians.
  • Azj-Kahet – The pinnacle of nerubian society where Xal’atath, Harbinger of the Void, has been gathering and mutating nerubian forces to create an unstoppable army.


  • Delves: Deep beneath the surface lies treasure vaults waiting to be discovered. Explore these world instances solo or with up to four friends, along with an NPC companion, to defeat bosses and gain epic end-game loot.

Delves New Mechanical Mount Reward

Mix and match customizations to make your new mount your own.

  • Warbands: Expand the potential of your alternate characters with account-wide progression across your family of characters on your account. Share your Warband Bank access, War Within Renown, achievements, collections, and more. Visit our latest article to learn more about Warbands.
  • Hero Talents: Rise to new heights of power with new Hero Talent trees. Each class specialization has access to two choices of self-contained Hero Talent trees inspired by iconic Warcraft universe archetypesRevisit our previous Hero Talent previews to get a glimpse at what is in development.

 *Please note many of these trees have been updated since the original previews.

Source; Blizzard

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