Crusader Kings III: Roads to Power expansion announced, out September

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Crusader Kings III: Roads to Power is the next expansion for the grand strategy game, Paradox Interactive has revealed, and it will be available from September 24th. This new expansion, which is part of Crusader King III’s Chapter 3 expansion pass, adds new ways of vying for power in this ruthless medieval world.

Roads to Power will add two new ways to play Crusader Kings III. The first is that of a Landless Adventurer who starts with nothing and builds their reputation through mercenary work. Get powerful enough and you could challenge the power structure of a kingdom, and take over. The second pathway is set in the Byzantine Empire, which is a non feudal system. Here players will need to scheme as noble in the imperial court against other families in attempt to grab power, and place allies in the strongest positions.

Paradox Interactive has outlined the features players can expect in Crusader Kings III: Roads to Power:

  • Administrative Government: Experience medieval rule outside of the feudal system with a new style of empire management. A web of Governors jockeys for position in the empire with intrigue and power, sometimes rewarding merit and sometimes rewarding perfidy. Only a truly skilled Emperor can keep these squabbling forces in line.
  • The Family Estate: Run and manage a powerful Family Estate, the seat of your House’s power, even when you hold no other land. Construct new buildings and improvements to further your power and influence within an administrative empire.
  • Influence System: Build up a character’s influence within an administrative empire to climb the rungs of bureaucracy. Raise your status in the realm and gather more power for yourself. Start as a landless noble on an estate, and compete for valuable provinces to govern before making your bid for the Purple.
  •  A Life of Adventure: Freely roam the map, untied to any realm or holding, going wherever the winds of fortune blow you. Fulfil contracts as a landless adventurer, even through the generations, building up a reputation of your own. Earn gold, prestige and fame travelling the globe until you decide to settle down and claim land you have earned through merit.
  • Choose Successor or Caesar: Spend the influence you have gathered to determine the course of the Empire and get the successor you want, whether a royal family member, a powerful noble, a martial hero, or any other candidate you can rally the people behind. The Emperor can even opt to co-rule if the burden of the throne is too much for one person.
  • New Byzantine Flavour Content: New events, monuments and activities built around the Byzantine theme, including chariot racing.
  • Cosmetic Additions: A Byzantine-themed UI skin and new court fashions for your characters, new 2D event art, new on-map monuments of the Byzantine world, new on-map holding designs, and a Byzantine throne room for Royal Court sessions, among other aesthetic improvements. New music inspired by Orthodox holy chants is also included.

Screenshots of some of the new content were also shared.

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