GAME confirms Rewards and Elite programme will cease after July 31st

Retailer GAME has confirmed that it is ceasing its GAME Rewards and GAME Elite programmes from July 31st. This means after this date those who are part of the Rewards or Elite scheme will lose all points accrued, and will not be able to earn anymore points. Up until July 15th, points can still be earned by Rewards customers. Points will be redeemable up until July 31st.

In an email sent to customers, GAME wrote, “As of 31 July 2024 (“Closure Date”) the GAME ‘Reward’ Programme (“GAME Reward”) and the GAME Elite Membership Scheme shall come to an end, after which GAME Reward and GAME Elite members will no longer be able to earn GAME Reward points on purchases made in GAME stores or online at or redeem any GAME Reward or GAME Elite points ( please see the GAME Reward and Elite closure FAQ’s at for further information ) remaining on your GAME Reward account.

You will still be entitled to receive GAME Reward Points as per the terms and conditions on eligible purchases in GAME stores and online at but only until 23.59 on 15 July 2024 after which date purchases will not earn you any GAME Reward Points, but you can redeem any GAME Reward Points until the closure date. We would strongly urge you to redeem your GAME Reward Points prior to the closure date on purchases in GAME stores or online to avoid disappointment. After the closure date the GAME Reward Points will be reset to zero and the GAME Reward account will be closed. You will no longer be able to access it and you will no longer be able to redeem your GAME Reward Points.

The closure of GAME Elite will also mean the closure of monthly GAME Elite offers and also prize draws and promotions that Elite Members are eligible to enter.

This announcement follows on from GAME ending video game trade ins earlier this year, marking a massive shift for the once dominant retailer. Over the years, GAME’s fortunes have taken hit after hit. In 2018, Game halved the rate at which you could earn Reward Points. Fraser Group took over the company, shuttering many of the stores and moving GAME retail spaces into Sports Direct stores.

Source: GAME customer email

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  1. Only reason I ever shop at GAME now is to get points when I buy PS store credit and then use my points to get 10p or whatever off my next PS store credit (paltry, yes, but every little helps as they say!) so that’s a shame!

  2. I’ve spent less and less there in recent years, but the rewards points have often tempted me to buy something with a bit of money off. Shame to see it go.

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