Riven remake release date is June 25th

Cyan Worlds has announced the release date of the Riven remake, set for June 25th, with the game being available on PC, Mac, Meta Quest 2, and Meta Quest 3. This complete overhaul of the classic 1997 game brings back many of the original creators to re-envision Riven for modern audiences. The original itself was the sequel to Myst and had built upon the foundations of that influential puzzle game too.

The remake of Riven will have new content, such as additional puzzles and an expanded storyline beyond the original game. It will also feature an enlarged world encompassing environments like jungles and caverns across the game’s five islands, offering both familiar secrets for veteran players and fresh content for all players to enjoy. The flatscreen and VR versions of Riven are being developed concurrently to ensure a consistent experience across all platforms. The release date for PC and VR has been announced, but the console release date remains unconfirmed at this time.

Source: Press Release

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