MultiVersus weekly reset adds new Rift, free character rotation

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The latest MultiVersus weekly reset is now live, allowing access to new fighters as well as a new Friday the 13th themed Rift. Similar to other free-to-play titles, MultiVersus offers a rotating cast of characters for players to use without needing to purchase them. However, to unlock these fighters permanently, you’ll need to grind out specific challenges or pay for them outright.

The current weekly Preview Fighter Rotation will be available until June 11, 2024, and grants access to the following MultiVersus combatants:

  • Tom & Jerry
  • Jason
  • Rick
  • Harley Quinn

Developer Player First Games has also added a new Rift to the Warner Bros. crossover fighting title, introducing PvE bouts centred around Friday the 13th’s Jason Vorhees. Rifts were added as part of the major MultiVersus relaunch as a way to offer more content for those who aren’t solely dropping into competitive online fights.

According to the studio: “Rifts mode is a way for all players to jump into MultiVersus and progress their skills, outside of our competitive PVP modes. Each Rift will have a sequence of battles or challenges around a particular theme, whether it’s The Joker infiltrating the Batcave or Batman and Velma teaming up to decide who’s the best detective. These themes will be organized around seasonal “Attunements,” such as Chaos, for the Clown Prince of Crime who is joining our cast in Season 1. The same way every MultiVersus battle is bubbling with character interactions, we wanted to make each Rift “Uniquely MultiVersus,” every season. ”

After an open beta access period in 2022, MultiVersus seemingly vanished from the face of the planet as Warner Bros. and Player First Games returned to the lab, pulling the game from all storefronts. While the revamp has certainly benefitted MultiVersus in some respects, Miguel wasn’t overly enamoured by the game’s return last month in his write-up. On one hand some of the game’s rough edges have been rounded off and the inclusion of singleplayer/co-op content helps bolster the overall MultiVersus package. However, the reduced tempo of combat has proven divisive and when it comes to monetisation, the game is no less aggressive in veering players towards buying content they’d otherwise have to grind tirelessly to unlock.

Of course, there’s still a long road ahead for MultiVersus and with Nintendo’s support for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate having ended, there’s hopefully room for Player First to improve and innovate within the platform fighting genre.

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