Wild Bastards release date is September 12th

Wild Bastards, the much awaited spiritual successor to Void Bastards, is set to release on September 12th, Maximum Entertainment has confirmed. The game will be available on all major platforms, including PC, PS5, Xbox Series X|S, and the Nintendo Switch. A demo has also been released on Steam for players to check out some of Wild Bastards.

Wild Bastards features 13 characters for players to manage and use as they journey across the galaxy. Unlike Void Bastards, which was set in space and aboard spaceships, Wild Bastards has a more grounded setting with a Western theme, although travel remains a core aspect of gameplay, along with first person shooter action. Each of the 13 characters possesses unique skills, as well as having different relationships with each other that can be managed by players. Also, 11 of these characters are ghosts.The plot synopsis for the game says, “Wild Bastards finds its lawbreakers hunted and nearly eradicated by the menacing Jebediah Chaste. After killing all but two of the Bastards, his final targets are miraculously saved by a mysterious, sentient spaceship known as The Drifter. The Bastards are fleeing an unwinnable standoff, exploring an ever-changing and lawless galaxy rife with precious weapons and spoils, as well as grisly fates, in a grand attempt to resurrect their compatriots while living to steal another day.”

Void Bastards Review

In our Void Bastards review, Nick said, “On the surface, Void Bastards may just seem like another FPS, but there’s an element of strategy layered in which sets it aside from the rest. It takes a bit of the old, mixes it with the new, splashes it with a comic style aesthetic to make a truly wonderful experience that will challenge you to make good decisions, enable you to play how you want and you get to be called a Void bastard, which is brilliant. It feels like a breath of fresh air in a sea of FPS games that all do the same thing.”

Source: Maximum Entertainment

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