Batman: Arkham Shadow story trailer released

Summer Games Fest continues with a new trailer for Batman: Arkham Shadow which is coming exclusively to Meta Quest 3 this Autumn

This isn’t the first Batman game to feature in VR, with Batman: Arkham VR one of the launch titles for the original PSVR. That was developed by Rocksteady themselves, and was an early highlight of virtual reality gaming that, while lacking on the action of the main Arkham series, let you embody the world’s greatest detective as just that: a detective. These days, you’d expect much more action and motion in a VR title, as developers have mastered making virtual reality accessible, while still pushing motion.

I’ve dug up our old Batman: Arkham VR review, where I said, “Perhaps the only real disappointment about Batman: Arkham VR is that it’s over so soon, but there is certainly plenty of value for fans of the game in replaying and searching for secrets. As more of a detective story, it’s a very different exploration of the world of Batman than we’ve seen before – I’m feeling a sense of déjà vu here – letting you embody the character for the first time.”

Source: YouTube

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