Battle Vision Network is the brand new title coming from the team behind Grindstone

Amongst the amazing titles we’ve seen during the Day of the Devs stream, Battle Vision Network stands out as one to watch. It’s coming from Capybara Games, one of the best indie developers out there, creators of the iconic Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes and their most recent, and undeniably fantastic, offering, Grindstone. If you’re a fan of their previous works, it looks like Battle Vision Network is going to be right up your tactical, strategic, and characterful street.

Battle Vision Network is an online PvP Puzzle Battler fusing cozy color-matching puzzle gameplay with deep turn-based tactics. If you’ve played Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes this might sound familiar, and there’s definitely a real taste of that classic gameplay here. Set in a futuristic arena, where players set out to be the best in the galaxy while showcasing their amazing tactical skills,

Going head to head with other players looks like it’s going to be seriously compelling, and I can’t wait to pit my brain against those of my space-faring rivals. As a Netflix game, it’s coming to both mobile and PC, meaning you can get your strategic fix (nearly) wherever you game. If it’s anything like Grindstone, I can see myself spending a lot of time attached to my iPad in the search for galactic superiority.

Battle Vision Network is all set to be a live service game, so it will continue to be updated with new seasonal twists, fresh characters, ranking leaderboards and ongoing challenges. It looks as though it’ll be a game you can keep returning to day in, and day out, but the tactical gameplay that lies at the centre of it all will have to keep you coming back. With Capybara Games at the helm there’s every chance that it can, and will, do.

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