Petal Runner is a courier RPG and a love letter to the Game Boy Color era

Nano Park Studios has announced Petal Runner, a game in which players take on the role of couriers known as Petal Runners. The game’s aesthetic and atmosphere draw inspiration from the classic Game Boy Color RPGs, such as the iconic Pokemon series, to weave its narrative about life as a courier in Sapphire Valley. A life that you can explore at your own pace and leisure.

In Petal Runner, you play as Cali who is accompanied by Kira, a first generation HanaPet. Kira is not the only pet in town, and people are waiting for their ones to be delivered. That is your job among may other things you can do through Sapphire Valley. There are plenty of side quests, various characters to meet, and lots of minigames to play. You will use bikes to travel across the open world of Sapphire Valley, meeting Petal Runner mentors in the city’s districts and learning unique skills from each one.

Petal Runner has been confirmed for PC, but a release date is yet to be revealed.

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