Street Fighter 6 M.Bison gameplay trailer released

During the Summer Game Fest, Capcom confirmed the fighters coming to Street Fighter 6 during year 2. The first of those fighter is M.Bison, who will be available on June 26th for those who have the Year 2 Character Pass or Ultimate Pass, who was shown riding a huge horse and evoking some imagery of Death. Now, Capcom has released a gameplay trailer for M.Bison, showing some of his moves.

What we know about Street Fighter 6’s version of M.Bison is that he has amnesia, so does not remember the events of the previous games. He does claim the name back but he is on new journey of self discovery, a journey that involves a lot of Psycho Power, knee presses, stomping, and punching.

In our Street Fighter 6 Review, Nick said, “Street Fighter 6 doesn’t need recommending to hardcore fighting fans – you all already know how incredible it is – but do I recommend it for more casual players? Street Fighter 6 has a real sense of community, welcoming all players old and new, teaching new tricks and providing something for those that just want a bit of fun. This is truly a fighting game for everyone.”

Source: YouTube

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