Tenjutsu is a gritty combat roguelike from the designer of Dead Cells

Tenjutsu was revealed during Devolver Direct by Deepnight Games, a studio formed by Dead Cells designer Sébastien Benard. In Tenjustu, players take on the role of a former Yakuza who is out for revenge against the four crime syndicates that control Secret Garden City, using any violent means necessary.

In Tenjutsu, players will have to master combat and timing to defeat enemy mobs as fast as possible, before they have the chance to take out the main character. The footage shows how fast paced the combat can be, and it does invite you to draw comparison to games such as Hotline Miami. Tenjutsu goes further though, as outside of the brawling and killing, there is the overall mission to rebuild the city. As areas get cleared out, you will be able to build up resources like food stalls, which will help you on your journey.

At the moment, a release date for Tenjutsu is to be confirmed and so far the only platform that appears to be finalised is PC.

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