Eternal Strands might just be the next Breath of the Wild. No. Really.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype of games. Hell, getting people excited about what’s coming out is at least part of what we do here on a daily basis. However, you can’t bandy around the phrase ‘next Breath of the Wild’ without a bit of evidence to back it up, and thanks to the latest Eternal Strands trailer from the Future Games Show, we’ve got some pretty compelling evidence.

This new gameplay trailer follows on from the original announcement, and it showcases exactly the kind of action you can expect to indulge in when Eternal Strands releases in the near-ish future. First on the ‘Breath of the Wild comparison chart is the expansive open world and the vibrant visuals, with Yellow Brick Games forging a beautiful graphical style that’s undoubtedly going to entice players into their world. Exploration is clearly going to play a major part in the experience, and there’s plenty of footage of our heroine running and clambering around a variety of distinct and exciting areas.

Besides that, there’s a bunch of combat, and here you’re tackling an array of gigantic beasts in a way that’s perhaps more reminiscent of Shadow of the Colussus rather than Link’s escapades. You can climb up their limbs, ready to hack parts of them off, or perhaps you’ll be taken for a ride by a gigantic dragon who’s expecting some kind of flame-grilled adventurer for lunch. The designs of these huge bosses looks especially impressive, offering both terror and temptation in equal measure.

There’s also the options of crafting new items of armour and weaponry to improve your chances – we’ll wait to see if there’s a cooking point to throw things into – or to lean on magic to take down these massive creatures. Whatever you choose, Yellow Brick Games looks more than ready to provide it.

While we don’t yet have a release date for Eternal Strands, we do know that it will be releasing on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series consoles and PC, and that you can add it to your relevant wishlist right now. No matter where you play, Eternal Strands could well be essential when it finally arrives.

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  1. Oh that does look good, I’ll wishlist it in the PS app now!

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