Gears of War E-Day revealed with new ‘Mad World’ trailer

Microsoft closed out the Xbox Games Showcase 2024 with the announcement of Gears of War E-Day, with a traditional blend of violence and emotive music – specifically a new instrumental version of Mad World to echo the series’ debut. Check it out.

The game will be a prequel to the series as a whole, set 14 years before the original and depicting the events of Emergence Day, where the Locust suddenly emerged from below the cities of Sera. Not only that, but it’s an origin story for the series’ most popular protagonist, Marcus Fenix, and his long-standing friendship with Dom, from the Pendulum Wars. This also means that the game will be almost entirely fought against the Locust than the robots and other foes found in the more recent sequels.

The Coalition has always sought to pioneer technology with Unreal Engine and Xbox, and E-Day is no different. The game is built on Unreal Engine 5, looking to make the most of all its key tech, and showcasing it in this trailer. Just as the original Gears of War trailer was rendered in-engine, so has the E-Day announcement.

The Coalition touts over 100 times as much environmental and character detail than in Gears 5, hardware ray-tracing for lighting, reflections and shadows, overhauled destruction, gore and animation, and plenty more.

While many had expected Gears 6 to be announced this year, E-Day as a sequel is not being seen as a spin-off to the main series, but rather the next mainline entry.

There’s currently no word on platforms or release window, so it will be very interesting to see how that pans out, given recent rumours…

Source: Xbox Wire

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