State of Decay 3 gets a big re-reveal with a new story trailer

Undead Labs has re-revealed State of Decay 3 with an emotive story trailer all about the push for survival and remembering fallen comrades. The game will launch day one into Xbox Game Pass, as a first party Xbox exclusive. No release date or window was confirmed, though.

The blurb reads: “Set years after a zombie apocalypse nearly wiped out humankind, State of Decay 3 is the next evolution in the State of Decay franchise. As the zombie threat continues to claim lives, you must fight back and reclaim lost ground, carving out a life for your community of survivalist homesteaders.”

You can also find more details on Xbox Wire, which delves a little into the leap forward in time, the shift to would-be homesteaders branching out from pockets of safety, as well as detailing more about the individualistic crafting system and more.

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