Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – The Sky Breaker DLC launches in July

Yoou think you’ve won and defeated the RDA on Pandora? Think again. The Na’vi clans are threatened once more in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora – The Sky Breaker, the first story pack which will launch on 16th July.

A mysterious shadow appears in the sky above Pandora, just as the Na’vi clans are celebrating their festival of games and victory over the RDA from the main campaign. Death and destruction follow and you’ll have to deal with another new threat to the native populace. This will take you to The Heart of the Plains, a new area of the Upper Plains with new environments to explore such as the Prism Fields, Feathered Grasslands, Stone Rapids and more. Here you’ll face the AMP Defender enemy type, which features an indestructible shield and top-mounted gatling gun, as well as new RDA lieutenants with AMP suits.

The Sky Breaker is included in Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora Gold Edition or will be available separately and in a season pass. Story Pack #2 will release later this year, dubbed Secrets of the Spires.

A technical marvel on consoles and PC alike – and especially after the 40FPS performance mode patch not too long ago – we loved Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora when it launched late last year. In our review, Dom said, “Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora is an astonishing achievement, with exquisite visuals and a remarkable balance between pacifism and action. This is an enthralling alien world that plays host to a unique FPS.”

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