What We Played #661 – Dustborn, Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail & Zenless Zone Zero

Zenless Zone Zero header artwork

This is the week of too many free-to-play games. I wanted to start The First Descendant, I have started Zenless Zone Zero, but I mostly spent my time playing Star Wars Hunters which is a surprisingly enjoyable arena shooter for Switch and mobile. Other than that, it’s been Elder Scrolls Online: The Gold Road, and I checked out Dustborn for a preview.

Checking in with the team, Aran has been playing Blacksad Under The Skin for review, and some Football Manager 24. He gave us a full rundown, saying, “I got sacked by United, hired by Nottingham Forest after they got relegated after only managing 15 points in the season. Came in, sold a load of players, got new ones in. We’re currently 4th in the Championship and are in the 4th round of the Carabao Cup, beating rivals Derby 8-0 in the 3rd round.”

After Death Stranding, Jim finally started on Cyberpunk 2077 despite having had it since launch! It was still in the cellophane! He told us, “I’m glad I held out as there have been plenty of major updates and quality of life improvements, as well as the free PS5 upgrade. I have to say that I really wasn’t gelling with the game’s opening couple of hours. However, I remember feeling the same way about The Witcher III and, sure enough, once the training wheels started to peel away, I felt more at home with Cyberpunk’s mix of FPS and RPG gameplay.”

Meanwhile, Reuben has been playing a lot of Final Fantasy XIV: Dawntrail, which will have a review in progress next week. He’s also been dipping back into Ace Attorney thanks to the recent Nintendo Direct with another playthrough of Spirit of Justice. He says, “It’s still the weakest of the Apollo trilogy, but damn if the writing isn’t stellar at points.”

Over in the US, Miguel has been playing a bunch of Elden Ring, but as of last night Zenless Zone Zero has officially launched so now he’s putting all of his free time into it and absolutely loving it. That’s not all though, as he says, “I’ve also been playing a bit more of my gacha game guilty pleasure Nikke Goddess Of Victory this week than usual bc theyve just launched a massive Dave The Diver collab where you literally play Dave The Diver as a “minigame” inside this anime girl game. Technology!”

Zenless Zone Zero action gameplay

Steve has finally played some Banishers: Ghosts of New Eden and luckily he thinks it’s really good! He says, “Combat is functional but the story and worldbuilding are fantastic. I’ve also put some time into a couple of review titles, NES World Championship and Magical Delicacy. Started Sons of the Forest with my old man online group which is pretty fun.”

This week, Ade and his partner have been smashing through Diablo IV. He told us, “We’re really enjoying it, though oddly, I gotta say, we’re finding the game too easy. We’ve got it set to the 2nd World Tier (the other tiers are currently locked) but few of the bosses even slow us done, let alone stop us. Not sure if we’ve done something wrong (or right, I guess?) But hopefully the challenge will pick up, otherwise the combat is going to become pretty repetitive.”

What about you? Played anything good?

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  1. I’m enjoying my blind playthrough of Elden RIng DLC, i think i found everything in Graveyard Plains now so it’s on to Cerulean Coast next.

  2. Just finished my playthrough of Ghost of Tsushima. A beautiful game, the story was ok too, and the fighting offered quite some variation. The only problem was its length, but I couldn’t stop myself from playing the side missions either, so got over 90 percent of the trophies here.

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