Death end re;Quest: Code Z announces 2025 release with new trailer

It seems like barely a day goes by without a festival, event or Nintendo Direct to fill our lives with dreams of the games to come. This week we’ve had the IFI Summer Festival 2024 to salivate over, with Idea Factory International dropping a host of details for their upcoming titles. One of the biggest announcements was confirmation of the release window for Death end re;Quest: Code Z, the latest in the Death end re;Quest series, with the title set to arrive digitally and physically for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in 2025. There’s also a brand-new teaser trailer to go alongside it!

Death; end re;Quest: Code Z is the latest in the Japanese roguelike series, with this the third entry in the series. Character designer, Kei Nanameda, and scenario supervisor, Makoto Kedouin — writer for Corpse Party — are both back for the third installment where a new protagonist, Sayaka Hiwatari, becomes wrapped up in a story of parallel universes where she is unable to decipher who’s a friend or foe. There’s a taste of that in the new trailer, where we are shown a familiar world with a death end behind every corner.

We’ve long been fans of Death end re;Quest at TSA, and Death end re;Quest 2, the last entry, earned an excellent 8/10 from Miguel back in 2020. He said, “Death End re;Quest 2 is the horror RPG I never knew I wanted. Its mysterious and grim story is reminiscent of some of the all-time great Japanese visual novel and indie adventure experiences, but the fact that it’s tied up into an addictive and enjoyable RPG package is the icing on the cake. The fun begins to get soured a bit by the sudden difficulty spikes throughout the game, but that didn’t stop me from enjoying this terrifying and jaw-dropping story from beginning to end.”

Stay tuned to TheSixthAxis for more on Death end re;Quest: Code Z as launch gets closer!

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