Industry News

Cage: Motion Control Won’t Solve Issues

Focus is on worlds, stories and characters.

Blizzard To Introduce Real Name Posting

Gaaaaaaay! Oh, wait … I didn’t mean that!

Japan: DS and 360 Up

Price cuts and new models boost sales.

Sony To Talk 3D At Develop

Hocking takes to the stage.

Games Retailers To Swallow VAT Rise

UK Tax increase may be avoided by gamers.

Incentives Needed For UK Investment

Kotick and co. may look elsewhere…

PSP Firmware 6.30 Live

One little hidden surprise?

Sony’s Annual Report 2010

The edited ‘highlights’. There aren’t many.

Activision Joins TIGA

To support call for tax relief.

TIGA Speaks Out On Tax Break Issue

Not the time to look for scapegoats.

Ubisoft Lead With PS3

“Mad” to do anything else.

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