Industry News

Analyst Predicts Great Things For PS3 In 2010

Sony has ben saying it since day one, Analysts now agree.

ELSPA Facts & Figures 2009

Which was the ‘Star console’?

Sony To Launch 3D TV Channel

Further proof that the future lies in the third dimension.

EA Are Number 1 In Europe

Publishing giant regains its European crown.

Games To Be Sold By Vending Machines

I’d like a Coke, some Monster Munch and Uncharted 2.

Metacritic’s Best Games Of 2009

Meta-critical acclaim apportioned.

November’s NPD Numbers

Anyone care to guess the month’s biggest selling game?

£6 Broadband Tax Confirmed

Taxing the internet – genius.

Government Not Convinced By UK Games Industry

Is there no end to the government’s ignorance?

TIGA Respond To UK’s Pre-Budget Report

Nothing but disappointment for those who ‘run’ this country…

Darling Set To Ignore UK Games Industry

Ignorance from those who need to help…

Tony Hawk: Critics “Snarky”

Nothing to do with his game being a bit crap and expensive.

“UK Games Council” Wanted Before Next Election

Finally an MP who’s dedicated to gaming…

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