Industry News

Book Publisher To Work On Games

Random House offers up stories…

Wii Are Not Impressed

Dice boss attacks Nintendo.

GDC Refocuses

It’s all about developing…

New Releases 1st – 7th March

Silent Samurai survive the sabotage.

Pachter: Apple Will Release Console

When Patcher talks you have to listen.

Tokyo Game Show Dated

Clear your diaries and find some pennies.

Derby Road Is Named ‘Lara Croft Way’

Fanboy power wins Lara a new title.

Game to Close 43 Stores

Job losses inevitable.

SCE To Become SNEP

(UPDATE) So what’s SCEE and SCEA?

Miyamoto Wins BAFTA

Fellowship for the man behind Donkey Kong

Broadband Tax Dead In The Water?

Cross party Comittee rubishes the idea.

GameShastra Getting Cosy With Sony

Outsourcing studio pledging more to Sony

Dave Perry’s Gaming Clichés

“You can’t see your feet.”

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