Industry News

Microsoft Sue Datel

Controllers are now the issue…

Sega Shut Down San Fran Studio

Iron Man 2 unaffected. Unfortunately.

Cage: Microsoft Lied About NATAL

Heavy Rain creator calls MS out over demo.

Reliance Gain 50% Of Codemasters

“The future has never looked brighter.”

Two More Leave Infinity Ward

Senior staff leave developers.

Gaming Duo Storm TIME’s Top 100

Just how influential is Penny Arcade?

Land of the Rising Sony

PlayStation leads Japan’s March hardware sales.

BioWare Apologise For Bazaar

Stinkin’ Europeans to get cheap swag later.

Alan Titchmarsh vs CVG

“Are violent video games corrupting our children?”

The Digital Economy Bill

Making the internet more expensive.

Gaga For Games?

Gaga inspired by game?