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Industry News

Road Rash Concept Art

(Update) Gunhead, Catwoman and… Oliver Twist?

Sony’s Q3 ’09 Conference Calls

PSP sales, new PS3 tweaks and Blu-ray.

Five Square Enix Games In Development

Smart money is on more Final Fantasy.

DOA Paradise Has “Dental Floss Thongs”

Priceless comedy from the ESRB. Wait. What?

THQ Confirm Sequels

Saints Row 3, Red Faction 4, Darksiders 2 all due.

Sony’s Q3 Results

Nikkei predicted a profit. Were they right?

SEGA’s New Console Leaked

Looks like it’s coming this Summer.

Retail Prices May Rise In 2010

Industry could face another set back…

EA Sports Won’t Be Embracing 3D in 2010

Choosing motion controllers instead…

Doctor Who Games Incoming

Wibbley wobbley timey wimey gamey wameys!