Industry News

New Gaming Heroine: Luciana Berger

MP for Wavertree, Liverpool.

Valve Apologises Over Wrongful MW2 Bannings

Sorry about labelling you a cheat and banning you. Here, have a free game.

Blizzard Returning To Consoles?

Blizzard? Teasing? Surely there must be some kind of mistake.

How Video Games Could Send You To Jail (Or Get You Out)

I call my next witness to the stand: Xbox 360.

Playlogic Files For Bankruptcy

Fairytale appears to be over for Dutch publisher/developer.

Suicide Squad Game In Development

Like mission impossible. But with assholes and super-powers.

Rockstar Hiring For New Action Game

Guess they decided against that shock RTS-racer combo.

EA: “Embodies Creative Development”

(Update) Developers like nice CEOs

Capcom To Double Its Game Output?

The world needs more zombies.

Codies Talk Future Plans

And they’re staying in the UK.

Gears Movie Back On

Starting again from scratch?