Industry News

Ex-EA Exec Speaks Out

Former top EA exec speaks out against former boss.

Assassin’s Creed II: Over 6m Units Sold

With even more expected to sell…

Modern Warfare 2 Makes $1 Billion

In less than two months…

Ace Combat: Joint Assault Announced

PSP gets a shiny new flight action game.

EA To Publish Dante’s Inferno: The Poem

‘Midway upon the journey of our life
I found myself within a forest dark’

Rebellion Closing Studio?

Developer focusing on other offices.

Video Games “Worse Than Porn”

But both give you wrist ache.

EA Confirm NBA Jam

There is a catch, however…

MGS Movie Is Dead

Snake? Snaaaaaaaaaaaakkke!

Irrational Games Returns

2K Boston go back to their roots.

Rockstar Wives Up In Arms Over Working Conditions

You’re working our men to the bone, Rockstar!

In Game Chat Goes 3D

Dolby launches surround sound chat.

Analyst Predicts Great Things For PS3 In 2010

Sony has ben saying it since day one, Analysts now agree.

ELSPA Facts & Figures 2009

Which was the ‘Star console’?